Friday, November 21, 2014

2 sets of crutches

So last Friday night Porscha was playing in her game and came down from jumping for a rebound the wrong way on her ankle.  I felt so bad for her.  She has had many obstacles in her last two years playing and was sort of finally getting back on track and feeling good on the court again.

I was torn as to whether I should take my phone out and snag this photo.  It seemed like maybe people would not get the photographer in me, the blogger in me, the momma catching a sweet moment in me.  I am glad I did.  I am glad I threw caution to the wind and didn't give a crap what anyone thought.

Not quite 72 hours later Amber colided with a player in her game.....a big player....three times the width of Amber makes me want to see birth certificates type player.  It all happened so fast.  She was on the court crying.  John had to carry her off.  I have no photo of that because my phone was out of juice.  It was just as sweet.  A second trip to the ER. Another set of crutches and an air cast.

I know how tough this will be for both of them and I am glad they are able to find some humor in it all as they posed gangster style with their crutches when Amber and I arrived home from the hospital. I wasn't so much feeling the humor at that point I was tired and worried.  I fell into Monday feeling like a bag of shit.  I won't lie....I had a good cry and all I wanted was to have my mom and dad closer so I could go sit and have a tea with them.  So I could complain and know they wouldn't think I was whining and that they would just listen and be unconditional like parents can be.  Instead I did get some encouraging words from a few friends and by noon Monday wasn't feeling so bad....two sets of crutches was not seeming as terrible.  The silver lining in so much ER waiting was knitting.  A pair of finger less gloves off the needles. I decided to boost my feel good endorphins through the roof and gift these to someone for no reason....just because I think they are awesome.  I did and they liked them and it made me all day long.

Tuesday got better with my friend and co-worker bringing me this. A blondie from the coffee shop across the street.  So good and just so sweet for her to think of me.

I went and got my nails done after work yesterday.  Wow it felt nice to slow down for those few minutes and let someone pamper me.

Both Porscha and Amber are in air casts.  A follow up appointment for Amber to a orthopedic surgeon determined that she fractured her growth plate on her ankle.  It is a 12 week recovery.  We go back in 4 weeks for new x-rays.

Porscha will be out of comission 4-6 weeks as it stands now.  She has ligament damage and if things don't start to improve she will require an MRI to rule out any missed fractures.

It is tough for both of them.  It has been hard because if they could they both would be taped up trying to play with no regard for doctors orders . I felt like I was on a battleground this week trying to keep everyone in line, obeying the doctors orders.  It seems to have subsided.  Hopefully they continue to do what is needed of them and that they heal up well.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

acorn update

If you recall a few weeks back I blogged about acorns. Specifically painting acorns.  I saw a picture on Pinterest from this blog.

Can I just interrupt this post and share this post with you??  And this picture???  What about this post???  I am now thinking more acorns are going to be needed and pronto!

What is that??  You don't want to get all messy painting??  Okay you are about to lose your marbles with this idea!  Or  this cute idea!

The first time around the acorns I found were mutant like. Valerie commented that they are bur oak acorns. Now they did lose some of their mutant factor once I painted them but they were still not quite footing the bill on the whole I love how this creation turned out -o- meter. So Amber tells me how her friend Evelyn's tree out front of her house has the perfect acorns I was coveting. What?!? So a text to Leigh Anne, Evelyn's mom and my friend, confirms that they are those perfect kinda acorns. So the next day I did what any obssessed crafty person would have done in my position. I went to their house and picked acorns up off their lawn while they were at school and work. Not creepy at all. Most certainly I gave the neighbors something to talk about but I didn't care. I had myself a pile of perfect acorns to paint! The other thing I like better then the first time I painted them, is painting them all one color. Just seems cleaner in my opinion.

Now I did a real cute idea with some of the acorns for a baby shower I hosted for John's nephew and his wife.  They are expecting in the beginning of January.  I have a whole post waiting in queue about how awesome it turned out for next time!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

a sharpie mug update

So I wanted to take a minute to give a little update on my Sharpie mug adventure.

Okay so with the original ones I decorated them and baked them....period.  Well after a few washes I could see small spots where the marker was chipping.  So I went looking online for other thoughts and ideas on these mugs and how to do them so they do not chip.  (oh and that was with hand washing gently)

So I stumbled across this post.  I decided upon reading that acrylic spray was the way to go.  So after doing all that was required I coated the design with the spray.  So the new still would not let them get anywhere near a dishwasher if you want them to last and two....they won`t last forever.  With hand washing the acrylic spray will buy you time but generally they will start to chip. So far the spots on ours have been very minimal but there are ever so small spots of evidence that tells me it isn`t a forever outcome with these mugs.  Awesome great idea but void of longevity.

I would still make them here and there but with very specific instructions on care.

I saw one done up like a Storm-trooper.  I did one for John and left it for him one morning by his coffee maker.  He liked it.  It is kinda sweet......he uses it everyday!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

have your cake and eat it

Just a quick post. About cake. In particular this cake.

I totally made that.  From scratch.  In fact, I have done it more then once.  Best.cake.ever.

If your feeling up to being adventurous in the kitchen, go check out the recipes.




Monday, November 3, 2014

halloween chatter

So Halloween was a bit different this year.  I think I can officially say that my duties as a mom on the whole Halloween thing has kinda come to end.....and for the record....I am 100% okay with has been a good run.  I have made probably a good 35 plus costumes.  Ya I`d say it has been a good run.  

Amber went out with a friend as Batman....her friend was Superman.  Their costumes consisted of Under Armour shirts with logos for said super heros and tights.  I offered to make them capes.  After the capes were sewn my job was done.  I don't even have a photo of Amber because she went right from school to her friends and they trick or treated from there.  She was suppose to sleep over but had John come to get her around 8:00 pm because she wasn't feeling well. She came home curled up on the couch and passed out.  Halloween was done.  

John handed out most of our candy because I was busy doing the whole lunch thing for him to take to work and late dinner stuff.  There were a few cute costumes but we really did not get too many kids. Now I was a little envious of my sister and her husband.  They decided to shut the lights out, lock themselves inside, curl up and watch movies and not give out candy this year.  I might consider that next year.  I love any excuse for a holiday but for the amount of kids we had and the whole been doing it for 20 years.....gawd I really am done with it. 

I am never done with crafting for any holiday.  I love an excuse to try new things.  I saw an idea on Pinterest.  Using scrap blocks of wood to make pumpkins.  A few weeks back when John was at his mom and dads he cut me a few blocks.  I went into Home Depot and got a sample can of paint colored the most amazing color of orange.  

At first I added ribbon.  I wasn't feeling the love for the ribbon.

Much better!  I love the rustic feel of them.  Perfect!

A puppy photo bomb.....literally as I 
took the picture he laid his head 
out into the frame of the photo.

I made some candy corn bunting for my kitchen and my newest love is chalkboard art.  There are so many neat ideas as to how to decorate your chalkboards out there!!!

Speaking of candy corn....a little throwback.  Candy corn hats I knit one year.  Porscha was dying over this photo as was Amber.....about the fact that Porscha posed for me for this shot for my blog. Bless her heart...she must really love me!!!

I did up some bunting for the ramp out front.  Came out so cute.  A great tutorial here on how to create bunting.  I will say that what I did different is that I just made a paper template and I didn`t get too technical...I folded a paper in half and made it into a triangle.  However you decide to do it doesn`t really matter.  Just more a preference thing.

I also made a big bunting for the living room.  Another awesome one!!

Of course my mind never stops working and there were a few old fence boards kicking around.  With some help from John I got them together and got messy with some paint.  Love the outcome!

A funny little story about these blinking lights.  I was going to give them away.  I figured the girls are older let someone else enjoy them.  Porschca was aghast that I was considering giving them away. She said something to the affect of, ``Those have been hung at the front door on Halloween for as long as I can remember.  You are not giving them away.``

I hung them.  She wasn`t even here.  She was working and came home after I had turn the lights out for the night.  It is funny what they hang onto.  Something you think is no big deal means so much to them.  It is endearing. 

Now that Halloween is done I can start looking forward to Christmas decorations.  It is my favorite time of year for sure!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


So on the 19th I celebrated my 44th birthday. As birthdays go it was a good one. I am thankful for this 44 year old body and all it does for me.  I am thankful for the experiences...both good and bad I have encountered that have made me who I am today.  I am just thankful for everything.  I spoke with my mom and dad that day. One thing I said to them was that I was thankful to them for bringing me into this world.  As you get older you get sappy.  What can I say.  I know there was a period in my life where I did not appreciate my parents enough...that teen....early twenties know it all phase we all go through.  Well I do appreciate them today more then ever and as sappy as it sounds I am grateful they brought me here.

This last week I had an epiphany of sorts.  A combination of a few things.  Reading about a mom dying too soon, soldiers taken tragically, watching the girls play basketball and being in awe....that John and I made some awful lovely children, realizing that some people don't get my situation at all and never will, continuing on my flurry of creating and loving my talents and what I can accomplish in a was a week that just 100% reminded me that inside is were the good stuff happens.....when you feed your soul you flourish and a calm settled in on me.

 I was at the doctors this week for a follow up for all the thyroid issues I had been plague with.  Everything looks amazing.  Great blood work results and an ultrasound on my thyroid that shows no change in the nodules there.  A far cry from two years ago when I was being sent for a biopsy...that fortunately never had to happen.  The hope is everything stays this way.  There is always a chance of a relapse. I am hopeful that taking good care of myself will eliminate this possibility. So I am there and the doctor ask me to jump up on the scale.  For the first time in a good few years that number made no difference to me.  Now he is a fantastic doctor and he is well aware of the concerns I have had with weight gain and this thyroid thing and he never even told me the number.  He wrote it down.  I wasn't looking to see it but did and normally I might have thought negative thoughts toward myself but I saw it and was indifferent.  I mean maybe it helped that he said I was down 4 lbs. since I was last there but I don't think that was all of it.  I think that finally I have found a place in life for self acceptance.  It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about me but me.  I can probably count on one hand the negative thoughts that have slipped into my mind in the last week and a bit.  It is so refreshing.  I can't explain it.

If you recall I mentioned a mom dying too soon.  I did not know this mom, in fact because I don't really watch the news much I was even unaware of who she was.  She worked for a local news station and I stumbled across the article about her passing and then onto a blog she kept.  One post on her blog lead me to this video.  So stop reading now.  Please go watch this video.

Are you back???

Okay so seeing that video after my appointment made me so happy that I chose to react about myself the way I did.  I want to always make the water freeze into beautiful shapes.  I want to make a conscious effort to never think ill of myself.  I never want another person to feel bad because I did or said something mean or negative.  We all have hurt ourselves this way and others.  I think the key element here, even if you have fallen prey to being negative or mean, is the people that want to make an effort to change their not so great ways to be positive and radiate good will and loving thoughts towards others.

The other day I decided to really try to practice what I am preaching.  I decided to try to not be negative about anyone or anything...even that person I don't know so well that talks to me way too much and gets into my space a little too much.  Even that job I hate the most doing at work.  I tried to refrain from any gossipy stuff......we all fall prey to this.  First let me tell you it was hard.  It was hard to not think a negative thought about that young mom whose kid was running a muck.....instead remember that maybe her path is a tough one.  It was hard to not jump into the latest gossip.....instead think how you might feel if a person was talking about you.  It was a challenge and I am one hell of a positive person but I did it and I felt kind of empowered.  I know there are always going to be times I might fall prey to negativity but generally I want the thoughts and words that cross my mind and lips to be thoughts and words I could share with people and know they would be happy to hear.

This brings to to two very important words.  Wisdom and grace.

Forty four years brings you wisdom and grace...well okay who the hell am I kidding some people never find wisdom and others never find grace but I feel I have a good grip on both.

Wisdom.....well it opens your eyes to so much. For example, I catch myself these days, because of the wisdom that 44 years has given me, remembering that it is what is inside that counts.  That each day is special.  You do not get re-writes so do your best to make the most of life.  To make the most of your relationships.  To make the most of all of it.  Above all laugh....a lot.

Grace.....I have learned to handle life and the bumps that come along with grace.  I know that on the other side of that bump there will be a smooth path.  I have made the mistake of resisting and digging my heals in during times of adversity.  This is so energy consuming in such a bad way....sometimes you have to ride things out and not worry about the outcome.

I can't imagine if your online reading that you have not heard of the tragic deaths of a few Canadian solders,  The most recent was a local man and I read that a woman that came to his aide after he was shot held his head as he passed and spoke positive things to him.  That he was loved, that he was brave.....I can't imagine that there is better things to hear as you leave this world.  The outpouring of love for our country and those soldiers fills me with so much hope and love.  I believe that each and everyone of us can make a difference and it begins as simply as doing good to others you see everyday.

This last week reminds me that I have no room for bullshit.  Life is way too short.  I have no room for people that don't make me feel amazing. That I alone am responsible for my level of happiness.  That life isn't always what you signed up for but you do your best to make it a fulfilling life. I am always grateful for the times life knocks at my door to say hello and reminds me to always be humble and kind.  To live well.  To treat others as I would want to be treated.

The night before my birthday we ended up going to see Porscha's game which was out of the city. John's parents drove in to see the game. It was a nice surprise for Porscha and us. After her game we went for a bite to eat. It was okay. We have been to this restaurant before and the first time I loved it.  This time not so much.  In the restaurants defense it was Saturday night and it was busy.  The first time we went it was earlier in the day.  This time we had to wait for a table which turned out okay because a reservation ended up not showing up but otherwise we would have waited a lot longer.  Now I think that was all made harder for me because I fall onto the side of the fence that has no choice but to consider time frames because I am someones caregiver. Period.  End of story.

Although I had a person helping it was only until a certain time.  Now yes that person would never have left Shelby high and dry had we ended up home later then I said but what I feel comfortable with, is doing my best to stay on track to ensure that I am back when I say.  So waiting for a table, then really waiting way too long for our food because they were busy plus a good hour and a half drive home....well it gets dicey. Not to mention that once I get home I can't just curl up on the couch and call it a night.  I have a good 30 to 45 minutes worth of prep to get Shelby settled and into bed.  A good portion of which is physical.  So unfortunately this did kinda taint my night.  I think waiting to do a  dinner would have been better for me...where I could have either planned to have someone longer that maybe would have got Shelby into bed or better yet, one at a restaurant close to home that Shel could have joined in on for my birthday.

What I hated about that night as well was that because I didn't voice these thoughts to John he ended up probably thinking I was just being difficult and that got him defensive and in turn I got grumpy. We don't fight a lot at all and I love that about us, that we are not some couple that is constantly bickering over stupid, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't matter stuff and so when it does happen it sucks.  I know I have to be more specific when there is an issue that has me stressing.  I will say that next year when I turn 45....I am thinking some sort of road trip.  Eating a some quaint little restaurant maybe on my way to this!!!

John was a huge help in helping me execute an idea I had that was originally inspired by an idea shown to me by John's nephews sweet wife Lee-Ann on Pinterest.

I am so thoroughly in love with the outcome.  I think it is one of my favorite walls.  It is in the front entrance way.  A great space that people will see when they come in.  It is just perfect.  John helped me to make the frame shelves.  I know he wasn't too keen on my adding a project to his list but I am so happy he helped me.  I appreciate it soooooo much!!!

Once they were all set I painted them.  He hung them and I had picked up some frames cheap at Target.  So frames cost about $15.00.  I got the photo prints done at Shoppers Drug Mart and totally lucked out because it was 50% off for prints.  So the four 5x7's and the three 4x6's probably ended up costing only about five dollars.  The "H" is from Michaels.  I did not have a coupon on me but did hit the girl at the cash up for one.  She gave me the 40% off, with a "we are not suppose to give out a coupon" the letter was under five dollars.  The wood was kinda pricey.....probably cost about $40.  In the grand scheme of a DIY is still ended up cheaper then actually buying shelves.  As well making them allowed me to pick the lengths I wanted.  Don't tell John but I foresee a mini bunting like this one finding a home here for Christmas maybe!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

burger catch up: take two

Last week we had to get passports renewed in preparation for a basketball tournament in November down in Rochester, New York.  It is always such a great time and I am very much looking forward to that weekend away.

John was off last week and so we were able to sneak away for a little lunch date.

The Works. 

I was hook, lined and sinkered once I saw the salt and pepper shakers!  Light honestly I love these.

Then the a measuring cup!  It was so good!!

The onion rings were amazing.

Burgers were delicious. I had to take the fries home.  Way too much food.   

I would say that The Works definitely went head to head with Chucks and came in pretty much at a tie.  Both had great food, great service, great atmosphere....just all around perfect.  I walk a fine line between eating meat and not.  I often am thoroughly grossed out by meat and then along comes a real good burger. As long as both of these places are around I think I will always end up staying on the meat side of the fence....well turkey dinner kinda keeps me there too.

We came home and both ended up napping.  Shelby told me later that it was a sign of getting afternoon nap.  It is funny cause as I was laying in bed beside John as he was snoring (he claims he does not...he does), I thought to myself and smiled....yep we are getting old.  Although I do think it was more burger overload kinda napping, I love that we are at a point in life where we can just nap sometimes....although it does not happen nearly enough in my opinion!!! And I love that I am getting old with him!