Monday, July 11, 2011

fat witch brownies week two

fat witch brownies.

so up for the week from this awesome recipe book: candy cane brownies.

amber chose this one. they were very good. very very sweet but a recipe that would be so nice at christmas. i had some issue with the icing. they tell you to melt 3/4 cup white chocolate chips and sift in 1/2 cup confectioners' sugar. this made it very thick and crumbly. there would have been no way it would spread at all. so i added water. maybe 15ml. that did the trick and we were back in business.

i have been very busy on some sewing projects. the biggest was for my neighbors daughter megan. megan has grown up around my girls and spent many many hours here as a young girl. baking with us and having fun. she is all grown up and beautiful and a while back she asked me if i would sew her a dress. i had said yes. then a few weeks later thought to myself, what the hell are you thinking? then i said to john, i think i am going to tell megan i can't do the dress. he says, you can't say no to megan. i concurred. i can not say no to her. that is how sweet she is. like one of my own daughters. so i didn't say no. it involves many fabric tea cups and tea pots appliqued to the skirt. a lot of tulle.

she wanted it for a concert. she is going to see taylor swift on saturday. apparently taylor swift has a little gathering after her shows she calls a T (for taylor) -Party. she has her mom and some crew members go around before and during the show looking for fans dressed up....she likes anything glittery, shiny, light up signs...everything like that. so megan has a sign being made that lights up that says t-party taylor? her and her sister have like 100 glow sticks. she made her sister a shirt with glow in the dark paint and a tea cup on it. well the dress. oh my gosh it is turning out so darn cute. it has not been easy. sewing for others is very difficult for me. it is stressful. it takes me 5 days to be organized enough to sew for an hour. but i am getting it done and am so hoping it helps get her picked to meet taylor. she will cry if she gets picked. i told her she needs to be sure to let taylor know her neighbor made the dress!!

i will be sharing a photo of it once i get one with her wearing it. she has been by for two fittings and i can not even tell you how adorable she looks in it. i can't wait to share my handy work.

**contest closed**


Kaye said...

Mmm! Those look really good!

I hope she gets picked!

Anonymous said...

Jacob loved these ones! Anita