Sunday, September 4, 2011

fat witch brownies week nine

so here we are at the last week of brownies. last few days of summer.

our last recipe out of that wonderful book, fat witch brownies.

butterscotch bars.

these were very delicious. they did not last long at all.

john bought a few new items to help with his brownie making. the pan i have been using is an 8 inch by 8 inch. the recipes in the book call for a 9 inch by 9 inch pan. i didn't worry about it and just used what i had. as i said in my last brownie post john follows recipes not so much so. i get lazy sometimes baking.

well i am done my summer brownie fun. it has been a fun thnig trying different reciepes each week. the girls have loved it. we have a few favorites that we will make no doubt over and over.

i am sad summer is at an end. i love unscheduled days. the last two weeks have been awesome since i have been off work. i could easily not ever go back to work. life runs easier without that added challenge to my already full days.

for now i am happy that i still have one more week off. it will make settling into our schedule easier. as much as i love those unscheduled days i look forward to being back on track. shelby begins college and it has been a very stressful thing getting everything in place. brought me to tears the other day. i am hoping it all works out.

i will leave the comments open on the brownie posts till friday the 9th at midnight. get your comments in before that for a chance to win the fat witch brownie book. the more comments you leave the better your chance to win!!!

**contest closed**


Kaye said...

Your husband sounds like mine...has to be with recipes!

Shelby's starting college? I wish they came with "pause" buttons sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I helped devour those ones! Anita:)