Saturday, October 8, 2011

thankful, awesome and a giveaway

a beautiful day.  we just could not ask for better weather to celebrate thanksgiving weekend.  it was a rough week.  i don't want to complain.  i should not complain.  it the grand scheme that is life, i am awesome!!  but still we all handle things differently.  what one person can be given and rise above another can not.  this weekend finds me feeling like i can tackle it all.  i guess a good nights sleep and waking at 7:00 am because you want to and not because you have to helps. knowing monday is a free day with nothing having to happen helps. with free monday thoughts and that good nights rest comes vigour for me to met the day and do the things i love.  like waffles from scratch for breakfast.

this recipe is so great. not really super hard and they come out real awesome!  porscha did ask why we can't have breakfasts like this every morning.  good heavens.  no.  plain and simple no.

one day this week a co-worker left me a note with two brownies she'd made.  she knew all about our brownie summer.  she is the same co-worker that left this note.  it made me smile and the brownies did not last long.  it is those little awesome things that people do that make life just that bit better.  taking time to do something very simple for someone.  simple yet so amazingly awesome

it is those little awesomes that help centre me after a tough week.  like cleaning up art supplies to find a hidden message.  those are the awesome little things.

life has taken hold of me. some days it is kicking my butt.  some today i feel so capable.  other days i want to cry because i didn't sign up for this.  i didn't sign up to navigate college for my special needs daughter and services or lack of services.  i didn't sign up to have to plan my day around having to go to the college to help her use the washroom because the wait list for services is as long as my arm. i didn't sign up for being a primary caregiver to someone.  i just want to be a normal mom.  i want the freedoms other moms have.

i know that belly aching about it does not take it away.  that is why i strive very hard to stay positive.  it is what clears my head and helps me through the haze some days.  keeping an eye on the little awesome things in life, those are what help me keep perspective.  those are what keep me thankful.

 (leslie's chalk board placemats being put to good use again)

i know how easy it is to lose sight of the good things in life.  to wallow in self pity.  but life is such a gift.  everyday is a present to open.

speaking of opening...

i received this in the mail the other week.  i have been wanting to find the perfect time to give it away.

neil pasricha has this all down.  his 3 a's of awesome.  his first book, the book of awesome, had me hook line and sinker.  although i found his book first, it all began with his website.  love it.  i have yet to read this new book but after browsing through this copy it is on my list of to reads. 

so in the name of awesome things i am giving this book to one lucky reader.  leave a comment and tell me about an little awesome in your life by next saturday october 15th at midnight and i will have amber draw a name out of the hat!!!!

have a thankful weekend and look for those little awesomes.

giveaway is done::comments closed.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

My little bit of awesome is waking up Saturday morning snuggled up with Dave and surrounded by purring cats!

Anonymous said...

Can I win my own book??

Just kidding. Well, I think it's awesome reading about yourself in such flattering terms! Thanks so much for your support and stay awesome Alisha!


jonette said...

My little bit of awesome is spending quality time with my grandsons. They are such a joy.

margaux said...

my bit of awesome is sharing a glass of wine with friends. :-)