Wednesday, December 14, 2011

comments are A.W.E.S.O.M.E

Comments rock.  One of the best things about blogging for sure.

Here are the comments from the contest post for The Book of Holiday Awesome

Kaye said...

I really enjoyed your Nanoschmomomomwowo...whatever the heck it's called!

I have to say, despite the differences, there were a lot of things I recognized in your writing that I've encountered as a parent as well. Esp. as a younger parent too...


I love that you have read my blog for years. Even with my hiatus you came back and still read. I love your humor and am so excited for you to begin your journey into the world of little girls. Your blog is a favorite of mine and I always leave with a smile on my face. My only regret is that you were not a neighbor I could have tea with. Where we could knit and gossip about all the other crazy neighbors around us. Be well this holiday season and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

well telling you that i love you is really easy love mom

Thank you for the unconditional love both you and dad give me. I am very fortunate to have you both demographically closer for the next little while. Life is good and I am grateful daily for the ones I love!

Anonymous said...

You are a joy to have in our lives We love the choice our son made in his choice for a wife .you are a great Mom and never doubt it Love Mom H

Well you guys are a joy to have in my life. John gave me a very special and wonderful fact an awesome gift when he ask me to marry him. A second family for me to love like my own. Your support and love over the years has meant so much.

Wooly Knits n Bits

I've been really touched by your posts. Makes me think of the care required by my wonderful sister.
Would love to share the book with my mother, should it happen to be sent my way.


Welcome to my little space. Thanks for reading. I'd  love to hear more about your sister. You can send me a email one time. It's always nice to hear other peoples stories. I will be making sure I frequent your blog and leave a little comment love here and there. All the best to you this wonderful holiday season!

Valerie from Wandering Cat Studio comments on my Joy post...

Mmmm. Candy canes!

I won your last contest, so I'm not going to enter this one, but I've posted it on my blog to send lots of people your way!


I appreciate your comments and your reading my blog. I love that you are the knitter that has enabled me as far at my sockghan (a.k.a crackghan).  Your generosity in sending me so many great socks scraps was sweet. I love reading your blog and seeing the wonderful things your hands are making!! Your one talented knitter and designer.  I hope you and Dave and your sweet kitties enjoy the best holiday ever!

So after sharing with you these wonderful comments I will get to the winner of The Hoilday Book of Awesome.  I wish I had a copy for everyone.  In fact is sucks that I don't. 

Amber helped me out this morning.  The whole good old fashion pick a name out of the hat.

She picked Mom .B.

My mom.  Even after John's mom told her she'd better pick Granny.  I told Amber she was in trouble.  Granny was not gonna be happy with her.  She giggled.

These awesome books are worth the read.  They will bring a smile to your face.  Shower you with nostalgia and make you begin to look for and appreciate little awesomes around comments on your blog. Awesome!

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

The winner will love it. And I always enjoy reading your blog.