Thursday, December 29, 2011

teacher gifts...and barf

I wanted to post about the teacher gifts we did this year.  A while back someone posted a link to this esty shop on face book.  I love the cup sleeves this crafter makes.  I love the bold colors and the way she does the captions on felt.  They make me think shabby chic. 

So I got thinking how I could make something like that for the teachers.  We were going to get gift cards for Tim Hortons and how cute would it be to have a little cup cozy and even cuter to snag a few empty cups to put the cozies on with the gift card inside the cup.

I love how they came out.  I cut the felt in an apple shape.  Perfect!


I can think of a few more times I will use this same idea.  So perfect.  It pays to be crafty.

Of course a few pairs of those mitts.  Best go to pattern e.v.e.r!!!

Amber had a thought in her head.  How she wanted to wrap these all up.  They came out great.  She was pleased.

There is a birthday around these parts tomorrow.  Porscha turns seventeen.  I had some help earlier working on the banner

I do love that even at seventeen she was telling me how I can't get out of the banner much like Shelby did a few years back.   It is truly wonderful.

What is not so truly wonderful...barf.  As I was finishing up this post Shelby called to me that she had spit up.  She and Porscha have both been battling this cough cold thing.  Well she was coughing pretty bad and did spit up a tad.  So I go to get a cloth to wipe it up (at that point a cloth was all I needed).  When I came back into the room she began a huge coughing fit that ended with barf everywhere, think how she can't get up to get to the toilet and I was trying to sit her up so she would not choke on her barf so getting a bucket was sort of out of the question.  So the cloth was no longer efficient.  Nope.  Towels, washcloths, a bath...more towels, fresh pillow cases and a small bin close by just in case.  Laundry running at 11:45pm.  Lets hope that is all for the barfing.  I think I need to call the doctor tomorrow.  They both have been sick for too long.  They need checking out I think.

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

Gifts look great!

Hope both girls are feeling better soon!