Saturday, December 31, 2011

those special friends

Not often do I have opportunity to see the many people I love and appreciate.  Every once and a while I am lucky enough to have tea with a friend that although I don't see often, is close to my heart and regularly in my thoughts.  Those times when we do come together for tea it is like months have not parted our visits.  It is like we just saw each other yesterday.  Our interests keep us connected.  Our values keep us connected.  Our children keep us connected and for a small stolen piece of time out of lives that are very busy, we come together and enjoy what each other has to say and share.

Yesterday my friend Dianne came to visit.  She brought me the most lovely box of her homemade goodies.

She had so many wonderful things to share with me.  The conversation invigorated me and motivated me and I can't think of a better way to be ending a year then with thoughts in your head about creating things and promise of tea again soon.

I always think how I don't need these visits that I manage just fine in life but truth is that friends are important and the good friends in your life, the ones that get you 100% are like a dose of much needed medicine.  They cure all aliments and they make your stronger.

2012 is going to see me working harder to make time to be with the women that make me smile, encourage me and make my mind full of ideas bursting to happen.

Enjoy the last night of 2011!!!

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