Friday, February 24, 2012

black and yellow

A weekend of tournaments is here.  Unfortunately we had conflict.  Porscha's tournament is in London and Amber's is here in Hamilton.  John has to be here for Amber's team because he coaches and they run the gym.  So this is the first time Porscha has not had her dad or I at her games.  She is with her friend and team mate Kate, whose family is like family.  I so appreciate her parents stepping up to be Porscha's mom and dad for the weekend.

A little update on the whole confessions of a crazy basketball mom post from the other day.  So at the next practice God's gift was her usual negative I am the only one who knows what they are doing you all suck self.  As she was leaving after practice someone said good bye and she ignored them and left.  So the girls were talking about her behaviour after she left.  My comment got brought up.  Porscha did what I asked and said how I was wrong to have said it out loud like that.  Someone said that it needed to be said. 

So fast forward to next practice.  Basically rinse and repeat last practice except one of the girls decided to call her on how she was talking to her team mates (here is where my comment gets lost in the wind).  God's gift gets all defensive.  Claims she did not do anything wrong.  At this point the coach steps in and tells her he heard it all and that she isn't treating her team mates with respect.  So she goes to the bench and starts taking off her shoes.  There is 20 minutes of practice still left.  The coach tells her she needs to consider what she is doing.  She leaves.  Apparently the last 20 minutes of practice was like a weight was lifted.  Well she is off the team.  The coaches asked her to not come back. 

I still feel very bad for her.  I guess my thinking is how does a young person come to that point.  Where she is rude to people and acts like it is okay behaviour.  How has she been treated through her life that she thinks it is okay?  That makes me sad for her to consider that maybe she has grown up not being treated with respect or not being shown how to respect others and to admit when your wrong.  The game they played tonight was a team they played the other week and lost by 20 points and this time they lost by only 3 points and apperently had a great game.  I am glad the team has a better balance now.    

This weekend is as well Amber's teams home tournament.  They run a concession stand to raise money for the team and so we did cupcakes.  Go yellow jackets!!!  

Of course there will be knitting.  Last tournament I had my dad looking at my knitting.  Pretending to knit between my mom and I.

Then he got serious, put on his glasses and actually did a few stitches on my mom's project.  Absolutely perfect!  I love him!!

I am hoping I don't need to take any refs out with knitting needles this weekend.  Maybe we should take our own ref.

Happy Friday!!!!

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Kaye said...

The Raised by Wolves Kids. I think we've all encountered them. Hopefully she'll learn from this experience and grow into a better person.

Cute cupcakes--and even cuter "ref!"