Monday, February 13, 2012

confessions of a crazy basketball mom

So here is the thing, I made a conscious decision that I was not going to be one of those crazy sports moms that is obnoxious, yelling at refs, bitching and complaining about playing time and about coaches you don't like or players.  Although the coach one is sort of  nil and void since the coach is/has been John....expect this year Porscha has new coaches who are nice enough but there is a problem on her team this year.

It is a player that thinks she is God's gift to basketball.  To quote something she said Friday during the game to one of her teammates as she sat on the bench with an injured ankle and they dribbled by, "the only reason your playing so much is because I am injured".  So lets just talk about that comment for a moment before we get to my confession.  What lead up to the comment was this girl yelling to her teammate what she felt she needed to do which in itself is not a bad thing.  I am all for encouragement from teammates sitting on the bench, on the court talking and communicating to each other.  It makes for a stronger team that works together but when she says things it is not encouraging .  She says it in a tone that is degrading in my opinion.

The girl playing has heard it all before and I guess she rolled her eyes and God's gift said something like, "Don't f#$@%$@ roll your eyes at me, the only reason your playing so much is because I am injured".  Now this was not said loud enough for fans to hear, we heard from the girls.  She lacks respect for her teammates.  She constantly, at practices, gets pissy with her teammates if they do something wrong.  The bottom line is that she is toxic.  That Friday night game when she did not play was one of the best games the team has had and it was because she was sitting it out.

Not only is she disrespectful to her teammates she is disrespectful to the refs.  I will be the first to tell you that some refs just suck and there have been games where I have been inches away from running onto the court tackling the ref and poking his eyes out with my knitting needles because of a stupid call but I refrain because even though there are a few that suck at the job they still deserve respect because well it is the right thing to do.....well that and the knitting needle option would probably result in a padded room and a nice white jacket.  She has had two technical fouls and a technical warning.  She can't keep her trap shut.  Guess what?  On the court the ref is boss...suck it up.  Leave the technical fouls to the coach.

So now my confession.  Do you ever have those times when your mouth sort of blurts something out that you would not have said had your mouth not reacted before your brain could compute.  I did it here.  Well at the game Saturday we were losing and Porscha and quite a few of the girls on the team where getting knocked around a lot.  It was a tall team and a physical team.  I thought our girls were holding there own quite well even though they were losing.

So God's gift yells from the bench in a bitchy tone, "Girls, you NEED to box out".  The next thing I know I have entered into crazy basketball mom mode.  I called across, "I think they are trying to box out".  Crap.  Damn mouth of mine.  Getting me into trouble.

So my friend was there who does not have a daughter on the team and she says to me how she is giving her dirty looks cause she thinks she said it, not to worry.  Of course I am obsessing about it in my head.  Giving myself mental head smacks repeatedly.  So after the game the girls come over, Porscha and my other friends daughter Kate say how it was thought it was Kate's mom that said it and even they did not know it was me.  They thought it was funny.  No no no, not funny.  Now had it been my other friend who does not have a daughter on the team I might have been inclined....ah hell I would have been inclined, to let her take the blame.  She said it was fine.  She was cool with it.  However now because it involves another person on the team I have to say something.  I felt terrible that it was thought Kate's mom said it.  Actually feeling sick to my stomach bad about it.

So I go over to the assistant coach and have a talk with her.  I fess up that it was me and that usually I never say anything I just knit and she laughed.  She was nice about it all and I explained to her that it was just a hard game and when we see the girls getting roughed around and then having someone in a negative tone yell at them was frustrating and that I should have not said anything.  She said she was a tough player and they were trying to work to have a more positive approach from every aspect (I am pretty sure she is talking about the crazy mom that yells at refs the whole game) not just this player.  She got where I was coming from which was good.

I still feel bad and have obsessed about this since Saturday.  I suck.  I so could not be a bad person on a regular basis.  I'd have ulcers.  I talked to Porscha about it again.  She gets I was wrong but part of her is glad I said it.  No one seems to stand up to this girl.  I don't get why the coaches tip toe around her.  There are players that can play better then her.  Like when she got the technical stuff.  If I was a coach I would have benched her.  It is like she intimidates everyone.  I love that Porscha has had an opportunity to play in a higher division.  It definitely is preparing her for the fall and playing college ball but having a player like that on your team really spoils moral.  The assistant coach said she thinks she means well but that her delivery is harsh.  Maybe.  Either way I am so keeping my mouth in check from now on. 

 ::Easy Peanut Butter Cookies::
1 cup  peanut butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg

I made cookies this morning to help combat the obsessing over this.  To show my girls I am a good mom that makes real good cookies.  Not some crazy basketball mom.  It is only Monday and I need Friday already.....that sucks!

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