Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy sweethearts day

We did up some cookies for Amber's teachers.  I got these great little apple plates....actually I am not sure if they are plates.

They might be candle holders because the tag on the bottom was some candle company but today they worked as plates wrapped up with cookies.  So awesome!  I will tell you a little secret...the holders are from Value Village.  Both for under five bucks.  I know some people cringe at buying stuff at thrift shops but I do not.  John does not do second hand shops.  I however, love them!   My only regret is that the bags were not Valentines bags.

John bought me a great card.  It was absolutely a perfect card.  The girls enjoyed chocolate and candy.  We visited my mom and dad and had some cake...for their dog.  She turned 3 years old today.  Pretty funny.  A great excuse to have a cake!  It was a good day!


Kaye said...

I'm OK with thriftstores too--if the item is completely washable like those cute plates. Furniture and unwashable things? Not so much. But I think that's just Post Traumatic BB Disorder which I feel I'm rightfully entitled to! LOL!
Are those those soft sugar cookies? I made those this year too. Delish!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the little apple plates - and thrift stores are the BOMB!