Thursday, March 8, 2012

and i thought having a manicure was the highlight of my day

I went and got my nails done today.  Last time I did this was way back.  I know that I need to make a point of doing this more often.

So the problem with having done this was that I missed my bus to work by like honestly 40 seconds.  I was a half a block from the stop and the bus went by.  Crap.

So not all hope is lost for arriving to work on time.  There is another bus I can take but it includes about a 15 minute walk.  Did I mention it was raining today?  Still no big deal, I had my umbrella, my cute rain boots, it was all good.  It wasn't raining while I waited for the bus.  I get on the bus, admiring my newly painted nails the whole time.  Something new...shellac polish.  Tough as shit this stuff is.  Not one chip yet....and it had been a good half hour and that was with my pulling a bus ticket out of my jean pocket.

So on the bus I pull out my book and begin to read.  About half way to my destination it begins to rain again.  I am not really paying attention but by the time we get to my stop it is pouring.  Did I mention at this point I have to walk for 15 minutes?

So I put up my umbrella.  It is very windy.  I had to hold the side of my umbrella.  The wind is a whipping my hair.  The rain, although staying off my head and upper body for now, finds no mercy below my waist.  Within 5 minutes my blue jeans are soaked.  Did I mention I was wearing my rubber boots?  The rain was getting my pants so wet that the water was seeping through the fabric and running down my legs into my boots.  Glad I wore those to keep my feet dry.

After another  5 minutes my umbrella gets blown inside out and breaks.  If you were anywhere around Upper Wentworth and Rymal Rd. at about 12:50 pm today in Hamilton, that crazy woman that look like a drowned rat, that was cursing and shoving her broken umbrella in the bus stop garbage can, was in fact me.

So I arrive at work wet.  I have not been that wet in a long long time and usually it happens when I am going home and waiting for me is a warm pair of jammie bottoms and a nice tea. My boss wanted to know if I wanted to go home and change and really at this point I just wanted to get my shift done.  Last shift of the week, a tough week and I just wanted to be done. So I said no that I would go get a towel from the Y.M.C.A next door and pat dry best I could.

So I was still pretty wet but got on with my shift.  After about 20 minutes my one co-worker that leaves when I arrive, came to find me with a bag.  She'd gone and bought me a dry pair of pants.  Cute pants.  That fit perfect. 

People like Rita are honestly little gifts from heaven.  I can not even say how amazing sweet this was of her.  How when I went back to work my legs were so nice and dry and comfy.   I smiled over and over today because of those pants.

I smiled too because my nails.....not one chip after my hurricane ordeal.  Shellac polish is da bomb!!!!


Kyla said...

ACK. What a story. YAY for good co workers!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That is an AWESOME coworker. Definitely a keeper!