Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a note and tea

Today when I got to work there was a bag on my shelf.  A bag from Rita.  My dry pant lady....the one that was looking out for me the other day.  The one that put a smile on my face for the whole day after a real tough week.

There was the container that had held some cookies for her and her family....empty....perfect....and I could see that there was a note and some candy in it.  I decided to wait.  I made a plan that once I had everything done, once the girls where in bed, once John was off to work, once I had a tea made, once I was in bed comfy I would read the note.

I haven't knit a lot in the last week.  I am sad to say that what once was such a salvation for me has lost some of its umph....okay a lot of its umph.  I guess you could say that the wind has been taken from my knitting sails. 

I sat a bit last night and knit a few rows after reading Rita's note.  In which she said many sweet things.  She would not accept the gift card I gave her.  I knew I'd have a hard time passing that off on her.  Cookies card no.  I will be re-reading that letter often I am sure.  It made me cry and smile and that was just perfectly what I needed.  Thank you Rita!