Friday, April 6, 2012

losing track

Today I went to visit my friend Barb.  I have written about her son before.  I have known Barb for 12 years.  I think in the whole world, she is the person that understands my situation with Shelby the most.  She gets it.  She lives in a similar universe.  She understands the burden of it all.  She balances a similar burden on her shoulders.  She understands the enormity of my situation.  I love her for that.   

I completely lost track of life this afternoon.  Five hours later, after crackers and dip, three cups of tea and the most delicious piece of lemon pie I came home feeling invigorated and well, just really awesome.  Sometimes I think we do not realize how important other women are to us.  Those friends.  The ones you sometimes don't get to see often but when you do, it is like peanut butter and jelly coming together in a real great sandwich.   They laugh with you, cry with you and give you perspective. 

I am looking forward to this long weekend.  This morning I woke to the little voices in my living room.  Amber and her friend slept on the couch and they were up, chattering.  It made waking up perfect.  I have three more mornings to do this...wake up to life and not that darn alarm clock and I am very happy about that.

Yesterday I stumbled across the fact that there is a Country Style donuts in the mall downtown.  I have been longing for a visit to one ever since a tournament a few weeks back where I went with my mom and dad and we stopped to get coffee and tea.  I bought a chocolate eclair.  Now anyone who is familiar with Tim Horton's knows that they pretty much suck now.  They use to have some really great donuts.  One in particular was called a bow tie.  It was real great tasting with icing, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry.  Well this eclair...

...fits the bill pretty good.  Just minus the sprinkles and cherry.

The moon is beautiful tonight.  This photo does not do it justice at all.  Stuff like this are the sprinkles and cherry on life for me.  I love when my breath gets grabbed by the beautiful things around me.  It brings to me balance and clarity.

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