Monday, May 28, 2012

happy monday

So last night I woke at like 3 am and had a little panic attack because Amber had put her tooth in her special tooth fairy pillow and I had not exchanged it for the money.  I am pretty certain she is on to it all but she knows a good thing.  A gross tooth equals five dollars.  Hell sign me up!!!

So I come out of the room and John is still up because he has to do the whole stay up so he can sleep during the day Monday and go to work on night shift Monday night.  So I tell him why I am up and he kinda looked like he was up to something.  I can read his body language so completely after all these years.  He can't lie to me well and I know when he is up to something.  So he tells me he has it covered and to go back to bed.  So I do.  When I was out in the living room I had noticed and thanked him for all the towels he had folded.  There was a lot.

I was laying back in bed and I heard some clattering in the kitchen.  I dosed off thinking to myself that he was doing the dishes in the sink that I had left and that was in fact what he was up to.  This morning the kitchen was all cleaned ready for me to make breakfast and pack lunches.  Perfect!!!

He also got into the chalkboard place mats.

The joke is that this work he is doing for me is like foreplay.  I told him how one time I remember watching Dr. Phil and he said that the foreplay for Saturday night starts Monday morning with the husband doing dishes.  John is setting himself up for a fantastic Saturday night I think!!

I do not even think my thank you to him is enough to express to him how important this sort of stuff is and how it lays the ground work for other awesome things in our life together.

Now if you'll excuse me I think I will go have myself a very Happy Monday!!  

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